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    CV Template for Programs (Almost 1 Pager)

    Here it is. Print using "legal paper" and it will fit on 1 page otherwise (there is just a little bit on the back side). Make sure you personalize it (take out my name please) and make sure it fits what you are doing.
    Download: 2020 COVID Sept 1 State Required Plan .docx

    Check out the DUNS and EIDL Videos!

    Check out this short video (it's a fast and dirty walk through of how to first search to find out if you have a DUNS number -- if you have one, you will get an email within a few minutes -- and then either update (if needed) or if you don't have one you can start a new one). 88 Our short video: https://recordings.join.

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  • Debunking ORO Step Myths
    Updated On: Oct 09, 2019

    Hello providers. This is a quick video that debunks a few common myths the early childhood workforce here in Oregon has regarding advancing your Oregon Registry Steps.

    Watch the Video HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6nwiwzIc7w&feature=youtu.be

    Myth #1: You can only raise your Oregon Registry Steps by taking Set 2 or Set 3 classes. Not true.

    Myth #2: You can only get to steps 7.5-10 by taking Set 3 classes (or Set 2 and Set 3 classes) so Set 1 classes are a waste of time once I reach Step 7. Not true.

    Myth #3: When you add up the hours for each CKC you can't use Step 1 courses. Not true.

    Myth #4: Let's separate the total hours calculation and the individual CKC hours calculations from the requirement that a certain minimum number of hours need to be Set 2 or Set 3. These calculations aren't connected (the first 2 listed aren't directly correlated/connected to the minimum hours calculation for Set 2 or Set 3).

    Myth #5: I should take Set 2 and Set 3 classes in all CKCs OR I need Set 2 and Set 3 classes in every CKC. Not true.

    Check out the OCCD links at pxd.edu/occd/steps-credentials-oro 

    • detailed Step (how to advance and plan) Outline
    • National Conference Verification Form (for those out of state conferences)
    • Professional Development Plan Template
    • A great video from OCCD about earning those steps!

    Let us know if you have any questions!

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